Sunday, January 01, 2012


has a lot to live up to.

we finally started to make this house a home. we met our future daughter for the very first time. nick and i hosted our first get together at this house. we met our state's governor {still not sure if this is something i REALLY want to remember from 2011}. i actually won something! we celebrated our first year of marriage together. i had a lot of fun playing with mila's first room. we celebrated an almost mothers' day. i impatiently waited for moo's arrival.

this kiddo finally decided to make her debut. the husband celebrated his first fathers' day. mila made her first of twenty-eight {yeah, we counted} plane rides

....and, appropriately, it was to see the aggies play. we returned to one of my favorite cities. i had some breastfeeding troubles but finally worked through them. we saw some friends get married and mila got to meet miss erika's little boy. my brother had a really great show in london. mila made a journey to the homeland.

and we polished it all off with a wonderful christmas and trip to the bahamas.

2011 was so good to us that i just can't imagine anything topping it. our little moo has brought so much joy to our lives every day and it just keeps getting better.

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