Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this is what our mothers' day looked like.

wayyyy too much fun watching this kid. he's seriously THIS happy all the time {not according to his mom, but we never see another side of him and i'm fine with that}.

this little girl making her way through my kitchen. after reorganizing the cabinets,

she decides that she deserves a little treat, with mom's permission or not.

no need for words.

getting some practice in.

again...words can't do this picture justice.

and lastly, this little guy {again} because this smile seriously never leaves his face {and the little carrot-orange nose doesn't hurt}.

obviously the husband has some serious fatherly instincts. he didn't get in front of the camera once, although every one of his pictures has at least one kid in it. might need to get some new shelving space for all the pictures and photo albums in miss mila's future.

hope everyone had a lovely mothers' day.

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