Monday, June 13, 2011

maybe this.

really WAS the last weekend before mil-ita decides to meet us.

friday night.


{will always be a sucker for a good crab cake}

and saturday morning.

{instead of the gross pregnant girl in
the picture...focus on the gross tile
in our house that's about to change
very VERY soon}

woke up not wanting to even get out of bed but instead opting for a three-mile walk around the park and a pedicure to soothe my sore sore feet {and hopes that the manicurist hits a few of those magical labor-inducing pressure points just above my ankles}.

{re-reading a lovely book}

no, i don't pose for these pictures, i just have a husband who recently discovered how much he loves taking pictures. and since we spend about twenty-three of the twenty-four hours in a day together....i get to be his subject ninety-percent of the time. the other ten percent is devoted to his other love.

{de-grossing our backyard}

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