Sunday, January 12, 2014

this weekend.

got off to a really great start. an evening trip to the park on friday then book reading. lots of juicing saturday. plus a quick fishing trip to the beach house that night. THEN some time spent in the freezing sand and surprising clear corpus water on sunday morning. we're now polishing off our weekend with bike rides, more juicing, napping, knitting and really good dinner :) I seriously couldn't ask for a better two days!

Thursday, January 02, 2014


getting a start on this new year by watching lots of knitting videos on youtube. and visited purl's website and ordered myself a learn to knit kit.
still haven't made it to the gym or managed to slide on my running shoes (it's been an entire week and a half since my last workout) but i did make a healthy quinoa salad to keep in the fridge for the week, and roasted some detoxifying cauliflower. AND i juiced! now i just need to start on all of my other "resolutions" for the year.
we've reached a point that i think two kids might be enough for us so i'm starting to think about MY life and who I want to be beyond my kids and my husband. like knitting! i've always wanted to learn and have made measly efforts in the past to get started but i've never actually made anything. which leads me to another resolution: following through. doing things that i say i'm going to do. making more time for friends and DOING more for them. and FAMILY. i need to DO more for them too, not just hang around all the time. i want to LISTEN better and talk better too. talk about things with real substance….like those long talks you used to have in college that made you feel like you were really making or going to make a difference. i need more of those. and i just need to be productive. quit cleaning and "straightening up" and just PLAY with my kiddos. and read books!!! when did i quit reading? i can barely get through a page a night in my latest novel…need to work on that.
and although there were some really REALLY great things that happened in 2013, like, hello! amadeus was born!!! i can't say that i'm not happy to see it go and start with a new one. and since amadeus' birth was by far the highlight of my year, that's the picture we're saying goodbye with.


Saturday, November 16, 2013


what a few months it's been. going to try to get back into this....with two babes in tow. for now, we're off to dallas for the night and back tomorrow afternoon! keeping pictures like this on my mind.


Thursday, May 02, 2013


it's been a really ( REALLY ) long time. and i sort of want to get back into the whole blogging thing. even if i haven't been up to anything super productive (other than raising a child, but you know?).

currently we're at twenty-two weeks with number two. this pregnancy hasn't been entirely different from the first. i feel similar, i haven't gotten HUGE yet and that amazing feeling you get each time you feel the babe move still hasn't faded. but i find myself not focusing on the pregnancy like i did with M. obviously i'm a little busier than i was the first time around but i think i'm going to start dipping back into my pregnancy books again and put the parenting books on the shelf for a while.

but here are some pictures of what we've been up to lately. m is cracking us UP! all day every day. walking around the house, babe in hand, saying "thAnks", giving her little plastic baby baths every night, feeding her at supper time.... it's just too much. but it's a lot of fun.

when i was editing these pictures (and trust me, i planned on posting a lot more) i noticed a bit of a trend in M's life these days. she likes to eat. she loves to paint. and, one that i had taken considerable note of, she likes glasses, which is why we just ordered these.

happy thursday!!! hope everyone has great plans for the weekend...ours will probably involve lots of play outside and around the house.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

and this one too.

can't wait until the rest of the album is released!

happy (almost) wednesday!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

loving this.

and really hoping to see them here come june.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

just perfect.

this morning, after a big breakfast of eggs and turkey sausage and big homemade biscuits (with honey!) and a little date with a manicurist aaaaaaaand once mila went down for a nap and i was able to brew some tea, i followed my normal routine and sat at my computer without much on my agenda. so naturally i typed n-y-t-i-m-e-s-.-c-o-m and immediately saw this interview.

it had me smiling the entire time. yearning to be in the same room as ms. radziwill and listening to her answer sofia coppola's questions, mostly because i'd get to hear anything that might have been edited for the video. those little snippets of pictures and videos from ms. radziwill's younger days really got my mind going, such a different time back then.

it also had me thinking about those new york sirens in the background and how i wouldn't mind it so much if that was a little part of our background noise (especially since it seems to be such a foreign sound for mila, proof here). or for an itty bitty galley kitchen similar to this that we saw at ikea last weekend.

i love living close to my family and friends but ever since i was a wee one, living in new york has always been one of my dreams. not so sure it's going to be a dream come true for me but maybe. one day.

and hooray! we still have a whole sunday before monday and all its nastiness comes our way. ;)

and oh yeah, all of those books just on her end table reminding me to quit blogging, interneting, shopping, etc. and start reading some more. LOTS more. even if they are just coffee table books.