Tuesday, January 25, 2011

and i present to you.

our little gignac.

these amazing images are pretty self-explanatory so no need in dissecting them for you. and a week later they're still getting to me. which, have to admit, they probably always will. other than apparently having sensitive taste buds right now, ***** {we've yet to OFFICIALLY decide on a name} is also a pretty active one, and finally big and strong enough that i'm feeling most of her movements- which i love. when we're alone in the car with the tunes blaring, she definitely likes to let me know how she feels about the music. although, i've yet to figure out if those instrumental kicks are positive or negative....probably positive right now but i'm sure that once she hits her teens, her musical interests will differ quite a bit from mine and her dad's.
on another baby note, i'm constantly expanding my baby library {and ALWAYS looking for suggestions} and my cousin recently turned on to this lovely book by sarah napthali.

{buddhism for mothers}
so far it's amazing and i surely don't see it taking a turn for the worse. every page thus far is already filled with my highlighted words because nearly everything that napthali says resonates with me. can't say i'm converting to buddhism anytime soon but i can't deny adopting quite a few of the religion's mantras and practices.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! She is going to be so beautiful, just like you!

  2. aww! thanks miss mary. we are so excited, she's actually doing a little dance in my belly right now. be ready for lots and lots of pictures to come in about four months. how have you been?!

  3. I've been very well and very busy, thank God. :)
    I am so excited for pictures! She is going to be the cutest and most stylish baby ever! You, the little one and your family are always in my prayers.
    All my love to you, your sis and your mom!