Wednesday, September 07, 2011

our weekend away.

m's first trip on a plane: success. she slept most of the flight on the way to college station to see the aggies play {and win....she must be a good luck charm}. after a quick interception at the very beginning of the game, nick and i had to immediately leave our seats and go back inside because the noise was too much for her, can't believe i forgot these! but it was fine, gave us plenty of chances for nick to critique my photo-taking skills, apparently i need some serious practice, which is why we ended up with about a million variations of this.

then he jumped in.

{m with her dad and raycito}

finally got back on the plane for some much needed rest.

such a quick weekend trip but it was nice to be back in college station. there are definitely lots and LOTS of things i miss about that wonderful town. like the wonderful breads of blue baker {which is why i brought a good stock home with us}, and morning runs around the campus. and now it is good to be home!

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