Monday, March 21, 2011

i never was good at that whole 'waiting' game.

plus, after the husband so effortlessly put together the crib this weekend {thanks nick}, i was finally able to get some things on the walls. while it's not one.hundred.percent complete, baby mila's room made some serious progress this weekend.

although i've said numerous times that we're keeping our baby-buying purchases to a minimum,  these pictures don't quite seem to convey our approach. but actually, the only item we've purchased solely for mila's room is the crib {and mattress}. the 'alfabeto' print above the dresser is actually a gift from my mom that we plan to keep long after each of our children master their alfabeto. and as for the 'rocking chair of my DREAMS', that was a gift from nick's dad that of course we will ALWAYS have {thanks charles and ray for your timeless design}. other than that, the room just took a lot of painting, planning and reusing of furniture we had. i still have a few minor additions to the room {lamp, sheets for crib, etc.}, but so far, we're pretty proud of my stellar design skills.

in addition to her room, baby mila has a growing library that got a substantial jump-start as well.

{a little spanish practice to make 'lita proud}

i stuck with the classics.


  1. The room looks beautiful! The crib is awesome and I love the walls! :) Hope you are well!xo

  2. thank you mary. hope to talk soon....mila just might need a blanket by maalouf designs {perhaps a new venture for you!} ;)