Monday, May 21, 2012

going's on.

it's been pretty quiet over here at the gignac house. the calm before the storm i tell you. think we're all quietly and mentally preparing for the weeks ahead {nyc + frio river + baptism + first birthday}. until you're flooded with a bunch of pictures starring each of us in the aforementioned places, here's a little bit of what we've been up to.

nick turned that into this {thanks honey, after all of these years of living together, i finally have a pathway leading to our compost pile}:

all while enjoying fruits from the his garden.

but not without a little help from this one.

as per one of my recent posts, i don't have much to show for what i've been up to {especially since one is a *top secret* project i'm working on with a friend} not to mention nursing one sick case of food poisoning, but if you follow me here, you probably already knew that. all in all it certainly doesn't mean i haven't been busy. main priority: get invites to m's party out asap. or yesterday if that's at all possible. or just reverse time and tell me that my little baby isn't really going to be one whole year already. time machine, can you hear me?

happy monday!

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