Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a few of my favorites.

i'm sort of a skin care junky. always a sucker for anything that makes promises of glowing translucent, spot free, wrinkle free skin. to the point that i even had my mom make a request to her doctor that he prescribe her retina-a {for her to give to me of course} just because i had read all of the benefits of that wonder cream {article here}. however, i do try to keep my arsenal a little more on the organic, all natural products side so for now i've forfeited that Rx and only use that magic ingredient in my eye creams.
here's a little bit of what i've been loving lately.

1. clarisonic miaoh my mia, my mia. love this thing. morning AND night. i've been using it for almost two years now and seriously, it works wonders on dull skin.
2. turbo booster c powder by philosophya newbie on the block, thanks to the recommendation from one of my aunts, i add this vitamin c powder to my tinted moisturizer {#6} every morning and the results {think *GLOW*} were instant.
3. when hope is not enough omega 3.6.9 serum by philosophy. i actually think this was the first philosophy product responsible for the recent *glow* in my skin. #2 just gave it that extra boost {hence the BOOSTER in turbo booster powder}.
4. b&b thickening conditioner. i seriously use this for the smell and smell alone. it's perfect. but yeah, it does also thicken.
5. kiehl's coriander body wash. another winner in the scent department. and to think that they almost discontinued this product!
6. bobbi brown tinted moisturizing balm. i've seriously been obsessed with this magical moisturizer for years now. ever since i read how great it was over at goop i haven't bought any other brand. i use to jump around from brand to brand of tinted moisturizers from josie maran, to origins, to physicians formula organicwear.....everything. every one of them was either too much "tinted" and not enough moisturizer or the other way around. but this one is a perfect balance between the two. it doesn't leave you feeling greasy, your skin looks great AND it's spf 25 which is a lot more than most others. it's also a little pricey but it lasts for about three months, and that's coming from someone who uses it everyday.
7. sabon body lotion in their signature patchouli lavender vanilla. apparently i'm a sucker for scents too. i love love LOVE the smell of this lotion {the salt scrub is pretty amazing too}. and it's thick and wonderful feeling too boot. but since it comes in a glass jar it's incredibly expensive to ship, like double the cost of the lotion expensive, which means the next time you go to ny, you should really stock up!

hope y'all are able to get your hands on some of these things and give them a try, i promise you won't regret it!
footnote: yes, i do realize that most of these products are not 100%, or even 10% for that matter, organic. i said i try and this is me trying.


  1. hey jessica,
    i really liked this post! i've been thinking about a mia for awhile, and i recently found this website, http://www.spalook.com/index.aspx that offers a discount with purchase. i finally found a great deal for the mia!
    thanks for the post,

  2. glad you appreciated the post brit! if my mia ever dies, i'll definitely purchase my next one from that site :) hope to see you sooooon. xo