Tuesday, May 15, 2012

remember when.

i had this really easy baby that took naps on a whim. falling asleep in as little as ten minutes. and she went to bed at eight. and entertained herself almost all day long. well, these past two days have introduced me to a much different baby girl. mila barely napped yesterday {or the day before for that matter} and didn't go to bed until almost ten o'clock last night. what the heck?!?! it all resulted in some serious tears, shed by yours truly. and i just realized that she actually didn't eat much yesterday either. maybe there's something more to this new attitude than i first thought.

after i almost broke down and thought about ringing in happy hour at 3:00, mila finally fell asleep in the car. and for just long enough to get me some mindless blog reading done and a mojito downed.

today is looking a little different, my precious little angel fell asleep this morning at 9:45 and she's STILL asleep!!! she must have sensed my frustrations yesterday {i'm sorry moo}. maybe it's a growth spurt. maybe she's sensing the fact that her breastfeeding days are almost over {speaking of which, any advice on this subject is very much appreciated.....like how do you wean when she's still nursing during the night? and co-sleeping? and like a million other questions}. i would never give up this title i have as a mama, but phew! girl needs a break sometimes {hence the photos that make me look like both a mother AND an alcoholic}!

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