Monday, May 14, 2012

my first.

mothers day that is. last year we missed it by just a couple weeks. and it's hard to believe that my sweet angel, in barely four weeks, will already be one whole year old.

every single day i am so happy to be called a mother. and more importantly, miss mila eleanor gignac's mother. of course nick did all he could yesterday to make sure that each mother in his life felt special and wanted and appreciated. mr. frugal even splurged for both a baby sitter AND a deep tissue massage por moi on thursday, cannot wait. thanks husband.

and thank you mila, even if you've become this baby that despises taking naps in her crib which therefore makes this a very tired mother. all in all i am still most certainly a very happy mother.

hope you mama's out there had a lovely one. i sure did.

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