Monday, June 06, 2011

fighting the urge.

to stay in a yoga pant + t-shirt uniform and lay in bed all day.

{lulu and yerba mate}

instead, i'm going to try and focus on a few new sweetly-scented house plants.

{mexican jasmine}

{bedroom perfect lavender}

and some reminders that life is definitely blooming on our patio.

because even though, according to mrs. doctor, baby's 'due' date is june the ninth, i never really felt like that was the day she would come out and meet us. throughout this whole pregnancy i just knew she'd be here a couple days early, but as the ninth quickly approaches, it seems like baby mila just doesn't want to come out and we might be looking at a later birth date.

despite the eagerness to not be pregnant anymore, i really just want to meet our healthy baby girl. every night that i lay down, i hope that i'm awoken by some evil pain that tells me our baby will be in our arms in just hours. but each morning, i continue to wake up to the sun shining in my eyes and this little babe tucked warm inside my belly {and yes, i do know that the wonderful squirms of movement from my girl will be desperately missed once she's living on the outside}.

what i fear most is that our doctor won't be willing to work on miss mila's schedule and this whole labor/delivery snowballs into something so opposite of the natural delivery we hope to have. so please keep us in your prayers.

i certainly don't know when mila's alarm clock is set to go off, but i'm hoping it's sometime within the past five minutes.

happy monday!


  1. I love your plants, especially the mexican jasmin and the arrangement you've made around it! Too perfect!
    I pray that Mila comes soon and that your delivery is healthy and that everything goes smoothly and perfectly!

  2. thank you miss mary. i wish i could take credit for our beautiful foliage but the husband is 100% responsible. lucky for me {and soon baby gignac}, i just get to bask in the beauty of it all!