Tuesday, June 07, 2011

and so we wait.

on the surface it may look like i didn't get much done today {okay, maybe i didn't accomplish much beneath the surface either}, but all in all, today's day of waiting has actually been a pleasant one.

last night, nick and i went to his mom's house to make possibly the freshest salsa ever with loads of freshly-picked veggies from each of our gardens.

and today, when husband came home at lunch, he mowed the front yard while i micro-managed by eating some fruit curbside.

mind you, this is what our yard looked like when we moved in:

...pretty much burnt to a crisp.

then at about one, i felt something we haven't had for over a week now: cold air blowing through our vents. i do love the fact that on the sunny west coast and many parts of these beautiful united states, air conditioners are not necessary, but corpus christi is not one of those places. dry air and mild temperatures just don't exist here, it's humid and it's HOT. especially in the summer {which for us, ranges from about april to october}. so imagine my joy when i finally saw the complete installation of this

in our backyard. especially considering the fact that it's the most efficient system we could get and should cut our electricity costs by about sixty percent.

between all of the 'busYness' of today, i finally worked up an appetite that i knew only buckwheat pancakes could satisfy {and no, all of the above did not happen before noon arrived, my pancakes were definitely consumed riiiiight around three o'clock}.

i've made buckwheat pancakes from scratch before but today i just didn't have the energy, so i bought this mix from the store. it definitely needs a LOT of tweaking. i went by the instructions on the box and the only thing that got me through them {besides the fact that i was STARVing} was that lovely little bottle in the background of the last picture. sugar-free maple syrup, which makes just about anything taste better. especially oatmeal.

aaaaand, i may have watched last night's episode of 'the real housewives of new jersey'. i can't decide how much/little i like melissa {teresa's sister-in-law}, thoughts?


  1. That salsa looks amazing.

  2. it IS amazing, i know nick had a lot to do with the deliciousness of the salsa but the fact that most of the veggies had been picked minutes before didn't hurt either!