Sunday, June 05, 2011

last weekend before mila?

after about eleven years together {off and on during the lovely time period known as 'college'}, in possibly four days {maybe more...hopefully less}, nick and i will have a new addition to the family. and i think i speak for both of us when i say that our last weekend alone couldn't have been spent any better.

nick left work a little early and most of friday afternoon was spent working in the yard and cleaning the patio.

{cobweb-free patio}

{pollen-free deck}

{pruned garden}

{freshly mowed back yard}

and that night we enjoyed a lovely dinner at one of our favorite corpus restaurants {the yardarm}.

{love him}

{six days pre-'guess date'}

saturday, nick got an urge to clean out the pond that these little friends call home.

and later, my mom and i took a serious pregnant walk around the park a couple times.

{enjoying the CLEAN patio}

and now, sunday, i'm enjoying what could be the healthiest {and BEST} salad i've ever made.

{kale + freshly picked tomatoes +
cucumbers + sunflower seeds +
sesame seeds + poppy seeds +
shallots and lemon agave dressing...
with ak-mak crackers}

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