Tuesday, January 04, 2011

end of year hoo-rah.

so as you know, my fam and i got to take a trip south {wayyyyy south} for a little end of the year/christmas vacay. our travels took us to south america this year to the lovely country of argentina. we spent much of our stay in buenos aires but ventured out to la colonia del sacramento in uruguay {just an hour boat ride from buenos aires and a highly recommended day trip for anyone in much need of some beach time while in the city}.

{me, my aunt patty and cousin victoria}

that night we enjoyed some delicious french cuisine at a restaurant called brasserie petanque. i definitely recommend this restaurant for the ambiance but the food was just so so...

{brasserie petanque}

we visited one of the soon to be seven NATURAL wonders of the world...the waterfalls at iguazĂș, absolutely B-A-utiful but being a two hour plane ride from buenos aires, i almost wish we would have opted for the mendoza region, patagonia or possibly the antartic if we had to do it all over again.

{waterfalls at igauzĂș}

as for the rest of our days, they were spent eating some delicious food

{the husband and me at casa cruz,
second best meal EVER, thanks nytimes}

{lunch in colonia}

{barbaric steak at casa cruz}

{farewell lunch}
viewing amazing art throughout the city

{modern art museum of buenos aires, malba}

{floralis generica}

and the rest speak for themselves....

{my love}

{the bag lady}

{tango show!}

{getting ready to go through the waterfalls}

....an unforgettable trip indeed!

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