Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and so it begins.

my most hated part about taking trips {the only part really} is definintely packing. being the perennial girl scout that i am, i must ALWAYS be ready for ANYthing....and limiting my toolbox to a few pieces of luggage seriously inhibits my chances of impressing people with the things i deem necessary to have with me. list making always seems to be everyone's suggestions and while this surely helps {a LOT}, it doesn't take away that sense of 'what if i forget something....i know i'm going to forget something.....darn it! i forgot something!!' despite my inability to stick to the list and JUST the list, today you can find me making TONS of lists....

..and this is only the beginning. it doesn't even include my never-ending to do list once i actually get to buenos aires i started months ago and constantly add to pretty much every day {by the way, if ANY one has buenos aires suggestions, they will be very much appreciated}.

the real packing hasn't even begun but it MUST start TODAY!

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  1. Jess-your lists are BEAUTIFUL!!