Tuesday, January 04, 2011


like most of the rest of the world, my post-holiday and new year mind immediately tries to figure out just how i can 'detox' {i don't necessarily mean the literal form of that word} my life. being a fitness enthusiast, my first temptation is to limit my caloric intake and really focus on eating clean foods from this beautiful earth. being pregnant this january definitely doesn't allow me to limit my calories too much but i am definitely reevaluating what goes into my body. not long ago, i spent about two years of my life eating a pretty strict vegan diet. i loved it. loved my skin, loved the way i felt....loved the shine in my hair. but my intentions for starting the diet weren't completely honest. miss kim barnouin and rory freedman of skinny bitch convinced me {along with the random snapshots caught of victoria beckham around town carrying their book} that i would become a thin and beautiful vegan beauty to be. while i don't have too many image issues, the pounds just didn't seem to fall like i thought they would and i finally remembered how much i liked meat...and cheese.......and fish............and honey. ultimately i acquitted the lifestyle and actually got to where i wanted my body and fitness level to be, vegan or not.
all of this boring history actually does bring me to where i am today. after so much indulgence over the holidays, i'm re-educating myself on the cleanliness of what goes into mine and my baby's bodies. immediately after finding out about the little sweet potato in my tummy i bought this

i've finally started to read it again and like before, it's {re-}opening my eyes. i've also been recently reading kim barnouin's blog healthy bitch daily. has some amazing stuff and great recipes. other than that, these long hours that i'm spending at our office are also filled with lots of reading on treehugger.com...i'm constantly finding new green designers, ways to live better for our planet and spend my dollar in an educated way.
so while i can't cut my 'calories' i can definitely detox in many other ways {and i'm finding even BETTER ways}.

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