Thursday, January 27, 2011

a bit of a stand still.

my bedroom and i just don't have a very good relationship these days. before we even thought about moving into our new abode, i already knew the exact color of bedding that i wanted: deep DEEP purple. i'm not usually one to start decorating a room based on color, but  i really have no choice with this one. it seems that everyday our ugly gray floors inhibit the ways that i really want to furnish my home. with so many shades of gray in our house {tile floors, counter tops and black trip around the fire place}, i can't bring myself to add anymore of the dim color-- even though it's one of my favorites. so after much contemplation {and plenty of 'changing of the mind'}, i think i've decided on a color scheme, both modern and peaceful.

{martha stewart paint in eggplant}

{martha stewart paint in fennel seed}
i definitely realize that images of my horribly mistreated and forgotten about bedroom would definitely help visualize what i'm working with, but let's just agree that it's bad....very bad. i absolutely love my big-person bed {king size, modern platform and beautiful light maple colored wood} but as far as what i've furnished the room with, that's where the love ends. so for now, until i turn it into the absolutely serene oasis it will become, let my inspiration be your images of what's to come.

and if we could actually afford one of my brother's photographs, i would definitely include this one {among others} over our bed.

{look! by justin gainan}

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  1. I love the colors! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!