Friday, January 28, 2011

because i can.

while i seriously do eat pretty darn healthy about ninety percent of the time, this little peanut inside of me definitely has my head justifying the random things to eat that pop into my head out of nowhere. today: a burger. the no-nonsense, double meat cheeseburger with everything on it, grilled onions, toasted buns with a side of some seriously skinny salty fries.

{thanks whataburger}
you might be thinking, 'she forgot the milkshake!' {a burger and fry staple}. well, i soon realized that as well {right about the time the salt really set in and i needed just the opposite in my tummy}. i have to confess that i immediately jumped back in my car and made another run to the nearest whataburger {a corpus christi favorite}.

so yeah, that's my anti-nutritious lunch for the day. and i am totally fine with it. actually MORE than fine. COMPLETEly satisfied.

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