Monday, December 20, 2010

getting ready for the little avocado.

fifteen weeks and four days today. so far this whole pregnancy thing has been pretty smooth sailing. other than some all day minor headaches, i feel great. ever since my workouts have been able to get more consistent again, my days have gotten SOOO much better- amazing what a little sweat can do for your mind, body and heart.
this weekend was especially exciting because i finally got a new car!! after much very necessary research, nick and i chose the toyota prius. i've wanted a hybrid car for yeeeears and now i'm finally able to save this planet one mile at a time.

{my wheels}
now that i'm CONSTANTLY reminded by how my driving effects this planet it definitely has me reading loads more research about this green earth. treehugger usually has my attention and more often than not i get lost in the internet world from one of the fifteen million links that they have on the site. like the link i found to buy these.

{cuisinart greenware} the price we got them for, i didn't expect the utmost quality. but on non-discounted sites, the price was pretty competitive and the reviews i read were all pretty good.
besides this renewed attention i'm paying to this planet, this has been my soundtrack for the lovely weekend i had.

'down by the water' by the decemberists
'and it stoned me' by van morrison
'ambling alp' by yeasayer
'little by little' by lay low
'spanish harlem' by aretha franklin
'unstoppable' {because that's what i am!} by santigold
'comment te dire adieu' by serge gainsbourg
'pagan angel and a borrowed car' by iron and wine
'love me two times' by the doors

although this wasn't the 'soundtrack' to my workout today {i usually get those from women's health or my tone it up girls}, it was still great-- a wonderful two mile jog followed by some abs and upper body!

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