Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what fifteen weeks looks like.

really wish i had a belly by now but i guess that just means i have some killer abs!!

my routine has finally gotten back to "normal". i woke up a few weeks ago and oatmeal FINALLY sounded good to me again. since then, i've been alternating my workouts with a start of twenty minutes of cardio each time {stairmastr, elliptical but mostly treadmill} then finishing it off with about twenty minutes of:

ANY routine by my girl tracy anderson
or this:
reverse lunge with biceps curl
deadlift to high pull
stability ball triceps extension
plank hold and single-arm row
squat with leg abduction and lateral raise
hamstring curl with chest press
v-sit incline press
side plank with rear fly
...all with eight pounds {except the 
rear fly} for as many sets as i can get 
within twenty-five to thirty minutes

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