Monday, November 08, 2010

getting there.

so today has been great thus far {until i have to train at six tonight....which i hate}. i started off with a really early morning pilates session with a few clients and then at nine, headed off to the yoga studio of corpus christi for some much needed stretching and relaxation/calming.
the class was great--a gentle hatha flow class with a lot of restorative hip poses incorporated throughout and even more at the end. when i usually start up again with yoga, i go in strong--with an intense bikram or advanced ashtanga class but today i found my inner humility and attended an intermediate sesh. it's just what this pregnant body ordered. i was able to focus on my breath quite a bit which allowed me to truly relax and get the most out of my practice.
of course, following my yoga class, this day has been full of wanting to do better---for my family, my husband, our planet, and me. despite nick's and my disagreement for the arrangement of our future living room, i think i've been pretty successful. mostly, i'm happy to be right where i want to be-- i have a healthy baby growing inside of me, married to my one true love and we are about to move into a new home that we will create with our wittle family.
so while my workout today definitely wasn't up to the intensity that they usually are, the mindful benefits i've kept with me throughout the day far exceed the high of that post-workout calorie burn. so thanks kristina {my awesome instructor this am} for getting my week started off on the right foot.
tomorrow i'm hoping to make some chickpea "burgers" for my cousin, her little baby pleasant and i to enjoy by the water in our backyard.....definitely a recipe to follow! until's the recent soundtrack of my days {and yes, as of november ONE- it is OFFICIALLY christmas music listening time}.

"white christmas" by otis redding
"o come all ye' faithful" by faith hill
"all i want for christmas is you" by olivia olsen
"where are you christmas" by faith hill
"let it snow" by harry connick jr.

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