Tuesday, November 30, 2010

officially a 'non-blogger'.

at least that's what i call people who go almost a full month between posts. i wish i could say that i've been busy the entiiiiiiiire time but that just isn't the case. we did manage to get our booties moved into our new house which has definitely drawn quite a bit of energy out of me. we've officially resided on bermuda street for a full two weeks now and it's going great. so nice to finally have a place of our own again. i don't have too many pictures to post of the nueva casa since it's not exactly 'picture perfect' in my eyes {yet}, but it's getting there.
other than the casita, we have a bit of news on the baby-front. we finally had a sonogram a few weeks ago and over the thanksgiving holiday, during our visit with nick's mom at the hospital she works in, we were able to hear the little limón's heartbeat. today we are meeting with our potential midwife and i'm really hoping for the best. unfortunately our options in good ol' corpus christi are pretty limited when it comes to alternative medicine. so far i've heard many good things about beth overton {the midwife} so my hopes are high.
this week finds me logging in some hours at our office. our lovely secretary had to have a pretty serious surgery so i'm bring home the bacon by answering phones and doing some busy work. what does this mean for you??? hopefully lots more blog posts.
now that you have a little update on my vida, here's for my work outs. last week {and this week so far} i've managed to really get my heart going. since the move, we now live across from a park that's about a mile around. for anybody who just doesn't feel like trekking it to the gym, this makes such a great avenue for getting a truly beneficial workout in. i have about ten park benches that i pass on my walk/jog and here are a few of the exercises i do on them:

incline push-ups
tricep dips
plank with side rotation
decline plank with leg lefts
step-ups with pulse back
side step-ups with kick out
donkey kicks at an angle

these are only a feeeeeeew of the things you can do on benches, in between those little fat burners, i mix my mode of traveling with:

elbow to knee oblique twist
kick ups {dallas cowboy cheerleader style}
kick BACKS .....boootie blaster!!
side lunges

you can seriously do ANYYYYY variation of these exercises, doesn't matter which order...as long as you do at least twelve reps {on each side} of everything!
happy workout!!!

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