Monday, October 18, 2010


think i can officially call myself a 'non-blogger'. can i still use the excuse that we 'just' found out we're pregnant and therefore i haven't had the patience to sit down and type??? didn't think so. the rest of my week {last week} wasn't too entertaining. we did get a lot of work done on our new house, thanks to our wonderful mothers. the whole place has been completely cleaned on the inside, now nick is working on some major plant pruning on the outside while i make the house FEEL clean {wipe siding down, clean outside of window, get gunk out of know, the fun stuff}.

on friday night - after a MAJOR day of cleaning - we went to dinner with my fam to drunken noodlez'. this place is so good and can be incredibly healthy {and UNhealthy for that matter}. unfortunately on friday, i opted for the semi-unhealthy dinner fare. sort of. i was really craving curry. i hadn't had it in so long so i took the plunge. i ordered their sweet peanut curry. it was good but i don't know if i'd order it again, just a little too saucy for me, especially since i didn't throw any rice into the mix. after our meal we headed to lowe's to check out some new appliances. we plan on getting all stainless since it always looks clean and doesn't date itself like i think white or black do. right now we NEED a refrigerator, dish washer and stove. we found one of each that we liked but weren't crazy about.
saturday we hit bermuda street for some more cleaning. not as intense as saturday but still got a lot done. while my mom did an overhaul on the inside of our twenty-year old oven and nick cut back some plants, i spent my time wisely by measuring out all the spaces where we're hoping to put tile and {fingers crossed} bamboo hardwood floors.
after wearing ourselves out another day, we headed out to the beach house for some much needed r&r. my niece and her family came out to meet us for dinner and so did most of nick's family.

the evening was nice. made amazing food {it's south texas so you can expect LOTS of fajita meat, guacamole, pico de gallo and all the some baked sweet potato fries}
sunday nick and i had a little brunch with the father-in-law and then lazy day'd it UP. yeah- we actually ordered pizza for dinner. i'm pretty sure that just the fact that i know i'm pregnant allows me to justify any type of 'bad' eating. this might not be so pretty of a pregnancy. no, actually i'm sticking to my roots and eating about 90% {versus 95% clean}. and since i can't work out with quite the intensity i'd like to, i'm TRYing to keep my portion sizes in check. anyhoooo- the weekend ended with me falling asleep at about 6:30. that's right, 6:30. pathetic i know but whatever, i'm fine with it.

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  1. Loving the new house! The kitchen has so much space, I am jealous... especially since it looks like Drew and I will be moving into an apartment soon. Blaaah.

    And stainless is a good way to go. When we EVENTUALLY get a home we'll be installing all stainless.

    Glad you had a restful Sunday night.