Monday, October 18, 2010

how to work out pregnancy style.

today i did probably the only workout that i've found to be the best compromise since finding out i'm pregnant. as you know my cardio sessions aren't all that extensive {think thirty minutes max, usually in the morning or late afternoon with lots of anaerobic activity}. i don't want to lift to much weight since everyone just loves to tell me how that experienced early miscarriages due to picking up something they thought was fine but apparently turned out to be too heavy. therefore, my weight training workouts in the gym have suffered just a bit. i'm trying to stick to about two of these workouts per week, i've gone down significantly on the weight and definitely not lifting until failure and my reps have increased from about twelve to twenty or twenty-five {i'm telling you, the weight is LIGHT}. as for today's super fantastic workout: i leave the house on about a minute and a half jog then walk at a brisk pace for two minutes. i continue alternating this cycle from thirty to sixty minutes {depending on how much time i have}. today i went for forty-five and finished it off with some really light upper body weights and core work for about fifteen minutes. i would definitely recommend this workout for anyone looking for a good AERObic workout or if you're pregnant and you're used to working out pretty extensively. the weather was gorgeous today so i took this workout outside on the water but i'm sure i'll have to try it out on the treadmill pretty soon with this cooler weather coming. here are a few of the tunes i jammed out to during today's calorie burn:

'amazing' by inna
'like a g6' by the far east movement
'don't stop the music' by rihanna
'pumped up kicks' by foster the people
'ambling alp' by yeasayer

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