Wednesday, October 20, 2010

soccer mom without kids {yet}.

i swear that's what i feel like lately. i'm pretty sure that i could drive to nyc and back in the time that i spend in my mom vehicle each week. and i don't think i'm the only one that finds this absolutely exhausting. right now nick and i share a car. sort of. basically i have a car and he sometimes uses it. but the vehicle itself is used FOR him about ninety percent of the time.
on a much more pleasant note, i did get a really great workout in early this morning {twenty minutes on the elliptical + light weight/high rep circuits for about twenty-five minutes}. then i head over to first united methodist church to enjoy a really wonderful bible study i recently joined. it's been so nice just being around women at least once a week. other than the girls at the gym {and i only briefly talk to them for the ten minutes i might happen to have when i arrive early to my sessions} i don't get that much girl time. oh! and also my mom's and my little early morning coffee break each morning. nick and i truly are best friends and we definitely spend our days that way. we work out together, eat lunch together, run most of our errands together when we can.... basically we're together A LOT. and i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. but until you finally do sever that joint at the hip, it's hard to realize how much you really do need a little girly time every once in a while.
one of the things we did together today was pick out a few new appliances.

not much too admire but whatever. we're going with stainless everything since it doesn't age itself the way white does and we just like the look of it better than black. now if we could just get these floors under way. we're really hoping to install hardwood bamboo floors throughout the house but they're turning out to be much more expensive than we anticipated. we don't want to take the step down to laminates but are having trouble finding any corners we can cut {other than installing them ourselves} or floors at a seriously discounted rate. do any of you know of some good flooring pointers?? we'll take ANYthing at this point!

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