Tuesday, October 19, 2010

so this is what "morning" sickness feels like.

ugh. i have yet to regurgitate anything {i know you wanted to hear that} and i actually think that would help my situation. instead, i've just been in a constant state of queasiness since i awoke at about one in the morning last night. not to mention that i've been ridiculously tired all the day long. did a lot of running around and all i really wanted to do was nap. it's now close to parenthood time though so i'm not going to bed any time soon. the mister and i did manage to get some new fixtures for the casa as well as an absolutely adorable lamp from home depot. i'm hoping to put it in the little butterbean's room.

this picture really doesn't do it justice. it was on sale for $37 {shade and all} and looks really cute in person. you'll recognize it when i share some pics of the finished baby room. uh- nick just decided to eat some bbq right next to me. this is not going to sit well.

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