Monday, October 25, 2010


i think i spent a total of about seven hours out of bed this weekend. to say that this 'morning' sickness has hit me is an understatement. although i've yet to make any visits to the bathroom {news i know you're glad to hear}, i'm in a constant state of nausea. and almost nothing sounds good to me. i wake up really early and force a bowl of cereal down my starved mouth and tummy. and can't get psyched up for another meal until about two o'clock. which never turns out to be as healthy as i think the little bean should be eating right now. no, that would be just too perfect. instead, on saturday, i fancied myself to a small hamburger at a local pharmacy/soda fountain and sunday {when my hunger slapped me in my face}, the only thing i could stomach was a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast taco from a local mexican restaurant {and actually both of these places should definitely be stops you make if you ever trek on down to corpus- hamlin pharmacy and garibaldi restaurant....mmmmmm}. the rest of my time was either spent in bed or wishing i was in bed. except for saturday night.
saturday my mom and i went to a surprisingly amazing vintage fashion show at renaissance antiques. i was so impressed with the entire event. we made our way over there invited by one of her student golfers under the impression that we were just going to watch him and his friends play a few songs as a brass quintette. but what we ended up with were lots of snacks {unfortunately i couldn't stomach anything but they all looked delish}, refreshments and an amazing fashion show {i will definitely find some energy sometime this week to mozey on over to that store and peruse the racks}. i wish i had more pictures for you but all i snapped were a few of my mom and her golfers. this was the second annual show and i definitely plan on attending the third annual next year WITH some pics!
friday afternoon, in the midst of the husband's absence {he got to go to the rangers' victorious american league pennant victory} i did manage about an hour workout at the little gimnasio. hopefully i'll muster up some motivation to make my way over there today but i can't make any promises.
aside from all this non-'busyness', i topped it all off with a lot of baby window shopping, lulu window shopping, looking for some ideas for the new house and way too much 'keeping up with the kardashians' watching. here's what i found.

{sophie catalou onesie through zulilly}
{malina lilac cardigan through zulilly}
{malina knit booties through zulilly}
{marie chantal sweater through gilt groupe}

{organic blanket and onesie set through gilt}

and finally something NON baby related-

{rock out pant from lulu}
obviously i want a girl and i wish i knew now that i was having one so i could actually justify purchasing all of the wonderful things i found over the weekend but until then i must wait. does any body have any 'rock out pant experience'? i'm such a devotee of lulu's groove but i feel that i have so many, maybe i should venture out and purchase a different style. i don't like the waistband color of the image i posted but it's the only photo i could find, i'm actually hoping to buy the color that the link takes you too.
hopefully i'll be back much sooner with another post.

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