Sunday, October 03, 2010

don't think i can even call myself a 'blogger'.

at least not when you go on a nearly three day hiatus. this weekend was once again busybusyBUSY. after the aTm football game on thursday night {they lost :( }, we had a busy friday. i trained early so made the rest of my protein pancakes.

but also threw in some blueberries. then we hit the boat for some serious {NOT!} fishing. didn't have any luck catching anything but the weather was beautiful and i think i got some sun. as soon as we got in from the island we hit the road and headed to leakey. we got a pretty late start but when i saw this view at about seven o'clock, i didn't mind.

leakey is in the texas hill country and we stayed at the frio pecan farm right on the frio river. not only were the sunsets gorgeous but this was the view outside our cabin door each morning.

took a good run around the pecan orchard on saturday and then headed to the wedding {yards away} that night.

the weather was perfect! we just got home this afternoon and after hitting up my sis-in-law's for some barbecue and football, i am FINALLY HOOOOOOME! the mister stayed behind for some friendly poker but nothing sounded better than chilling on our couch, watching trashy reality tele and sharing my weekend. and i will definitely leave you with this:

how cute is my husband?!?!!!

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