Monday, October 04, 2010

a new friend.

at the wedding this weekend, i got to meet the daughter of a very good friend of my father-in-law's. after admiring her dress since she did the reading at the ceremony, and talking to her over too many topo and vodka's, i found out that she owns a store called 'kickpleat' {how cute is that??} in austin. later i told her dad that i definitely want to visit the store next time i'm in town, he made a quick joke that i 'can't afford it'. wellll, just got to check out her website and while he may be right in my ability to purchase anything from that gem of a shop, i can certainly dream {while working endlessly to convince the mister that i NEED so much of the store's inventory}.

{dress by rachel comey}

{top by brochu walker}

{alpaca cardigan by humanoid}

{ankle bootie by humanoid}

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