Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pre-training dindin.

had to train at six tonight {blegh}. i don't know why i do this to myself. i absolutely hate training late in the day but every time a new client asks if we can work out after five i agree. and then every day that the sessions roll around i dread and dread and dread it. BUT- it did give me an excuse to make a 'quick' meal before i left the house. i bought some ground turkey the other day that HAD to be cooked. so at about five i made some turkey 'burgers'...absolutely delicious.

that yummy looking side dish is a quick black bean salad. i didn't use a bun for the burg since i had some black beans. you should definitely give both of these a try!

turkey burg-shizzle-
mix 1/2 pound ground turkey with 1/4 of a chopped red bell pepper, handful of chopped fresh spinach, little bit of diced onion, 1/4 cup instant oats. throw in a dash each of lawry's seasoning salt, ground pepper, dry mustard and chopped garlic flakes. top it off with an egg-white. i like to just squeeze turkey and mix-ins between my fingers so it gets really well-combined. divide the mix into three and grill on a pan with rivets or outside on a bbq pit.

black bean salad-
put 1/3 cup rinsed canned black beans, 1/4 diced cucumber, 5 chopped baby tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of cilantro and a simple vinaigrette {1:2 balsamic vinegar to olive oil, tablespoon each of lemon pepper and dehydrated garlic flakes}.

after i trained my client, the mister and i headed to heb for some grocery shopping. uhhhhh- i dread the grocery store sometimes and tonight was one of those 'times'. but i sucked it up and got the shizzzz-nit we needed {aTm vs. osu tomorrow so we're havin' a few peeps over to hopefully watch the aggies triumph the cowboys!!}

hope everyone is having a great evening, i think i've finally beat this bad mood!!

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