Monday, October 11, 2010

best advice i've heard today.

"a baby’s room doesn’t have to have ducks and bunnies if you don’t want it to."
-jaime & lynn from one of ohdeedoh's house tours

as you can imagine, my mind is going crazy with decorating ideas, how to eat, what i should do for my workouts.....EVERYthing to make this baby grow healthy while in my tummy {yes, i realize i said ALLLL of this a few days ago but it's just as present in my mind right now}. so far today has been great. i trained a few clients EARLY {5:30 am} this morning, had a cup of green tea, took the mister to work then did about an hour of cardio. i was so happy to see one of my clients at the gym when i finished working out. i've known this woman for many years now and got to share my news with her this morning. of course she is excited and she also said that she's going to get me into a bible study at her church {i've made haphazard efforts to start going to one since we moved back but each one i have found meets at nights and i really think that a morning meeting time would be so much more convenient}. 
as far as nurseries go, here's what i'm looking at:

{all compliments of}
i love the 'oilily feel' of the first image, the 'fun-ness' of the second and the calmness of the third {obviously the last one is a kids' room and not a nursery, but it can definitely be adapted to a nursery fo' sho'}.
i'm not just thinking about nurseries, i know that's not what having a baby is about, but i do want it to be perfectly un-nursery like so that's take a bit of brainstorming. aside from my future child's living quarters, last night i checked out ms. beth overton's website. the information she provides on her site is very informative and definitely answered a lot of questions i had about a home birth. now we just need to find out whether or not insurance will cover our baby's entrance into this world sans hospital intervention. after seeing so many deliveries in these past few years, i'm realizing more and more how odd it is to treat the delivery as if the mother and child are 'patients' with 'problems'. pregnancy, labor and delivery are such natural acts of god and i other than in the rare instances that medical attention IS required for the mother or child, i do not see why admittance into a hospital is necessary. last night i email ms. overton in hopes that we can get together sometime in the near future so we can discuss our causes and concerns with home births. expect lots more on that one!
AND as you all know, the renters from the house that nick and i are moving into are finally OUTTTTT!!! the house is completely vacated so while nick was away on a meeting this morning, i squeezed my pregnant self through one of the unlocked sliding glass doors and snapped some before photos {you're in for a treat}. let's just say that our hopes for a gignac home premier in our coveted dwell magazine might have to wait a little while longer but regardless this house is our HOME. oh! and i will certainly NOT be leaving you in the dark with lots of before/after/during photos of our mini-renovation.

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