Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what a weekend.

it's already wednesday and i cannot believe that i am JUST now sharing my whirlwind of a weekend with you. to say it was 'eventful' is being way too modest. i'll start from the beginning.

friday night: dave matthews band at the woodlands
after flying into houston, nick and i went straight to the hotel to drop off our things, get in the rent car and drive out to the woodlands.

this is me on the walk to the pavillion. i love the glow that my camera was creating around everyone that night. the humidity was definitely to blame but it did add a nice touch. when we went to the david gray/ray lamontagne show a few weeks ago, i definitely knew that the next time i attended a concert {in the summer} i would have to rethink my wardrobe. i got this top from a local boutique in corpus {goosefeathers}, paired it with some 'semi-gladiators' and cutoff shorts....i was in warm weather heaven. aside from my outfit {priorities, priorities}, the show was amazing. dave never disappoints- from 'warehouse' to 'watchtower' to 'digging a ditch', this concert brought back so many memories.

saturday: aTm football
we slept in a bit on saturday, got some breakfast and headed out to college station. on our way there, we made a pit stop at the houston volvo dealership where i got to test drive a car that we are hoping to buy for me. lovelovedLOVED it. it's the xc90- it was EVERYthing i hoped it would be, now we're just waiting to find one in our price range with all the amenities i want. going back to college station was nice, but i am so glad that we are no longer living there. we tailgated at one of our friends houses and then headed to the stadium. nick and i were super tired from the two previous nights so we cut this one short and headed back to my friend's apartment for some much needed rest.

sunday: back on the road for the houston texans
almost over! sunday morning we woke up early and headed BACK to houston. we went to the houston texans v. indianapolis colts games. i really do like the colts but unfortunately, with this fam, i had to root for the texans. and good thing since they won!

since we had so many people with us, nick and i had to buy extra tickets that turned out to be even better than our season tickets- four rows up from the field. the game was great, only the second time in ten years for the texans to beat the colts. this guy couldn't get enough of it.

he was cracking me up the whole time. but i think nick's last memory was getting on the jumbotron.

yep, that's my husband....makin' me proud. he even took a picture of himself ON the screen. if you could see me on the screen, all you would pick out is a huge mouth and squinty eyes because i was laughing so hard. couldn't believe how excited it made him.

so that's our weekend. i hope to never do it again. JUSSSSST kidding. it WAS a blast but so exhausting. i was so glad to get home and back to a normal routine.
more later.

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