Friday, September 10, 2010

weekend. weekEND.

yesterday we successfully hosted the first football event of the season. it's not just the football that makes this time of year so great - but the cooler weather that comes with it....all the layering involved in getting, scarves, cardigans and jackets. ahhh, such a wonderful time of year. for the inaugural game, i pulled out all the cards and made my guacamole football field.

impressive, i know. guacamole and pico de gallo are two things that we don't play around with in south texas. no matter what or when the gathering may be, you can almost always count on one or both of these {what can be} healthy apps. not only are they made up with some of the freshest ingredients, but you can usually find each ingredient locally {sometimes on the side of the road} and when paired with veggies instead of chips, they're both even BETTER for you!

my kinda football field:
mash six large avocadoes in a bowl with a potato masher {save the pits....they make beautiful plants, more on that later from my lovely husband}
dice up one onion, two small tomatoes and a small bunch of cilantro. mix in the guac with a fork.
liberally shake some chicken fajita seasoning by fiesta brand seasonings, as well as lawry's seasoning salt, coarse black pepper and just a drip of fresh olive oil. mix well.
spread into a rectangular pyrex dish and use sour cream {from a ziploc bag with the corner you would for icing} to make the football 'yard lines'.

we mostly ate ours with tostitos multi-grain chips...they're hearty and aMAZing!

more later....right now, the mister and i are in houston about to leave for the dave matthews concert at the woodlands pavilion.

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