Wednesday, September 15, 2010

rainy days are here.

and in corpus, that means 'fall' is upon us. absent the cooler weather, the darker skies at least give me visions of warm-colored falling leaves, cozy sweaters, fireplaces and the smell of baked goods in the oven. today those baked goods came in the form of the power house glonola from 'oh she glows' and some vegetarian lasagna that i pre-made for my sister-in-law who just had a baby boy. unfortunately, like every other time i've tried to make granola, mine came out a little burnt.

that stuff is so testy. i always think i'm not baking it long enough and then, before i know it, it's black. however, i did follow angela's instructions when temptation got the best of me and i HAD to immediately eat some.

{her picture not mine}
the recipe was amazing but i did make a few minor adjustments. i couldn't find cacao nibs at the grocery store i went to, so substituted carob bites instead. i don't suggest this- they melted immediately and therefore made the glonola look even more burnt than i think it really was. i mistakenly used ground flaxseed MEAL instead of regular flaxseed. i don't think this makes much of a difference but the next time i think i'll use the norm. and lastly- i was just short of the suggested half-cup measurement of pure maple syrup so i had to use a little bit of my sugar-free maple syrup. i don't think this changed the consistency too much. next time i'll probably use ONLY sugar-free maple syrup in order to cut down on the sugar.

we've yet to make it over to my sister-in-law's so i'll have to wait until tomorrow night when should have some images of my lasagna.....i will say that the roasted butternut squash i put in it was DELISHous {yes, i'm aware that is not how you spell delicious}.

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