Wednesday, September 08, 2010

wedges for fall.

i realize that it has taken me ALL day to get to this post but i swear that i have been a personal taxi to the mister. today i had some serious premonitions of what it will be like when i'm toting around all of the kids that i hope to one point, i was in the car for a solid three {!!!!!} hours.
now on to the important things. this summer i absolutely could not get enough wear out of my wedges. how i hadn't gotten addicted to these things before this year, i'll never know. so it's no surprise that with the hot days of summer reaching the end, i have been quite upset about putting them away in their boxes only to be seen months from now. until i remembered {how could i forget?} the beauty of tights. they really do make everyday outfits so much better. although wearing any open-toed or strappy-wedged heels with socks would scream librarian or elementary school teacher, tights can make them wearable for those of us not going for that look {and hopefully none of you are}.
surprisingly, it took me a while to actually find images of fall perfection. i assumed that anthropologie would be able to help out in this department but resorted to google instead..... these looks aren't quite as vintage as i'll probably go for but nevertheless they work.


these give me great ideas for using what i already have, but of course i have my eyes set on two {okay.... make that three} pairs of shoes that i plan to purchase before the season's end.

nastygal...anthropologie....river island

tomorrow we're having a little, 'finally! football season is here' get-together at the house. besides ordering some delicious rudy's barbecue we hope to have some friends bring hummus and veggies and if i have time {that is, if i don't decide to taxi the boo around again}, i hope to make some football shaped brownies!!!

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