Tuesday, September 07, 2010

apparently it worked.

so that little boost that i added pre-workout definitely helped me get to the end. i started today's gym session with about ten minutes on the treadmill (sprinting, briskly walking at a 10% incline, skipping, and sashaying from side to side). after the treadmill sesh, i headed to the group fitness room for a circuit (we were short on time and my body was definitely not ready for heavy lifting).

squat with bicep curl
deadlift into upright row
one-legged tricep extension
physio-ball chest press
"   chest flye
"    tricep extension
incline bicep curl against ball
ab-roll out against ball
leg curl with physio ball
leg extension with crunch (legs on each side of ball)
side lunge with front shoulder raise
single arm row
side stepping squat with legs in band

***each of these exercises is done with a light > moderate weight (i          used 8 pounds)
***15-20 reps and then onto the next exercise without rest
***complete the ENTIRE circuit and start from the beginning without          rest

i felt great after. polished it all off with a muscle milk/boku super food protein shake and a few strawberries thrown in. despite the awesome workout, a nap was still necessary. and i am glad i listened to my body. because i fell into a deep sleep for about an hour, i was able to run with nick around 5:30. we ran close to two miles and then i ran ten rounds of stairs in my back yard...for a total of about 20 minutes of running.
although i didn't get to rest up early in the day, that early and somewhat light workout gave me a little bit of energy to get things done and then step back for a bit. while the nap allowed me to get through a good cardio session later in the day. now it's time for sleeeeeeep.....REAL sleep!! no waking up tonight!!!

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