Wednesday, September 22, 2010

true to the bizzone.

many may have forgotten the former staple on just about every female's shoulder {back or hands} circa 1997-2002.

 {kate spade}

but i have not. through the spade family's amazing advertisements in magazines, i am consistently reminded {and amazed} by the inherent style the husband and wife seem to possess. not long before the kate spade 'era' ended, i also invested in an over the shoulder bag by her lovely husband {brother of actor david spade}.

{jack spade}

and while i am aware that this pair is easily forgotten, it's when i peruse their website and find creative designs like these.

that i have to wonder where people's minds are at. i realize that poor kate's box-y purses and simple satin designs might have become tired, but her imagination {and that of her husband's} definitely has not. and that is proven everytime i see a new venture that the two have embarked upon. with their simplicity comes timelessness....something that gets all too forgotten about in this ever-changing trendy world of *fashion*. so i say to you mr. and mrs. spade:


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