Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not much to report on.

today i have to take the mister to the airport for his mini trip to boston. thennnn i'm gonna head out for a workout with my mother-in-law. she's working out with me this morning so she can decide whether or not she wants to sign up for a membership at the *new* platypus.
this morning i did manage another success in the kitch: ohsheglows glonola!!! last time mine burnt, luckily i didn't have anything to compare it to so it still tasted pretty delish. but now that i've had the real deal- there's no burning this stuff again. i will say that for the last ten minutes i tossed the granola every TWO minutes. with this bowl i could taste every delicious nut and seed as well as the dried fruits. i also picked up some cacao nibs at sun harvest last week which kept any melted burnt chocolate at bay. the result:

granted it wasn't made in my dream kitchen {which i think would inherently improve the taste}

{alice waters}
i still think it turned out fantastic.

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