Wednesday, September 22, 2010

officially obsessed.

remember when i made that vegetarian lasagna last week? wellllll, i was lucky enough to have some leftover butternut squash to snack on {can you believe that was the FIRST time i'd ever roasted this gem of a vegetable?}. i ended up eating all four extra slices and was still left wanting more. so today i made MORE.

{butternut squash + olive oil + salt/pepper = perfection}
this stuff is delish. buttery. nutty. positively perfect side dish. with only sixty calories per half cup, three grams of suga' AND three grams of fiber, i definitely didn't feel guilty when i went back for an extra slice {okay two extra slices...FINE, three}. nick's mom's and my workout was good but not as intense as my usual so i'll probably head back to the gym later today. since nick's out of town my daily activities are significantly diminished {no LYing around watching the boob tube with the mister for me today}. i think this lunch

{grilled chicken + butternut squash + spinach with garlic}

is near-perfect fuel for that later workout. especially after the stupid mini pumpkin muffins i had after dinner last night.

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