Tuesday, September 21, 2010


the redefining of a word. this morning my friend wade asked me what the name of my blog was. i proudly responded, 'schlemazel.blogspot.com'. after hours of trying to figure out what to define my blog with, this word seemed perfect: recognizable but without a real definition that most people know {or so i thought}.

schli·ma·zel also shli·ma·zel   (shl-mäzl)
n. slang
an extremely unlucky or inept person; a habitual failure

[yiddish shlimazl, bad luck, unlucky person: middle high german slimp, wrong + yiddish mazl, luck (from late hebrew mazzl)

that's right. apparently i am my blog is a habitual failure. but i am just going to redefine the word.

schli·ma·zel also shli·ma·zel   (shl-mäzl)
n. slang
an extremely fantastic and fabulous blog; habitually perfect

[jessica shlimazl, luck, wonderful person: middle high american greatness, right + yiddish mazl, luck (from late jessica mazzl)

so there you have it. that's what this blog is!

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