Tuesday, September 21, 2010

oats in a jar success.

after reading about oats in a jar. here. here. and here. and trying them numerous times minus any measure of success, i finally conquered them. isn't the whole point of these things to be 'easy'? maybe i'm just picky about my oatmeal consistency but after each attempt i was either left having to microwave the oats {heated up plastic = HELLO cancer!} or just tossing them away. but last night i had an idea. what if i added HOT soy milk/water to the mix??? the result?

those are some creamy overnight oats in a jar. my plan worked and allowed me to end up with this.

that is one empty peanut butter jar. i still don't know if this 'warm milk' approach is actually my idea or if i'm just missing a step on all the overnight oat recipes i've read. i added most of my fixings before i put the oats in the fridge and threw in a few more this morning. here's my perfect oats recipe.

overnight oats in a jar
in a near empty jar of peanut {or any nut} butter, add 1/3 cup old-fashioned oats, 2/3 cup of a warm soy milk:warm water mixture {1:1 ratio}. then throw in some chia seeds, flaxseed, a squirt of flax oil {if you're like me and you workout a lot, this extra boost of flax oil helps to regulate your lady cycle} and a heaping spoonful of cinnamon. put lid on jar, shake and place in fridge. in the morning, take oats out of fridge and add a few raw cashews, pepitas, sunflower seeds, 2 dates and 1 turkish apricot....plus a squirt of sugar-free maple syrup.


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