Tuesday, September 07, 2010

really needing it today.

as you saw earlier, i definitely did not get an adequate amount of sleep last night. normally i wouldn't recommend continuing your normal schedule without a nap after sleeping as little as i did, butttttt....being the 'early day' person that i am, i just know that a nap is not coming anytime soon. so far, i've trained clients twice today (pilates session at 6am and a personal training session at 9am). i have definitely stuck with my normal diet (protein pancakes for breakfast and a toneitup protein bar dipped into just a bit of greek yogurt for a mid-morning snack), but for my pre-workout stack, i'm going to have to give myself a little oomph!

all for the lowest price possible, thanks
to bodybuilding.com
when i said i need a little extra 'pep' today, i'm doing this in the form of n.o.-xplode + atrophex (both bsn products). normally i just rely on n.o.-xplode for my pre-workout energy and take atrophex early in the day to really get me going, but i have a feeling that my body might not be ready for the toll i'm about to take on it.
although i'm providing my body with an extra supplement, i still plan on keeping the weight pretty low when i get to the gym today. had i actually rested my little head last night, i would train my booty but instead i'm going to do some serious cardio and about twenty minutes of all-over, light-weight circuit training with a little bit of plyometrics.
how do you recover from a night of minimal sleep? would love to hear how i could be doing this better!!

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