Tuesday, September 07, 2010

running on a serious lack of zzz's.

so, last night found me tossing and turning like i've never tossed and turned before. i woke up at about 1:45, remained completely resistant to the possibility that i wouldn't immediately return to sleep. not to mention that i had these kinds of winds blowing on our window


.....finally gave in at about 3:30 by opening a book and sipping on a glass of warm almond milk. unfortunately, the book proved much more interesting than i had anticipated and therefore didn't shut out the light until nearly 4:45. probably fell asleep at about 5:00 only to wake up at 5:20 for my 6:00 pilates session. clearly i will not be a high-functioning human being today. despite my shortage of shut-eye, i immediately kicked my butt into gear when i woke up and started on some protein pancakes. thanks to the ever dependable bodybuilding.com, i received my vanilla creme muscle milk light on friday.

this morning i followed the tone it up protein pancake recipe (surpise, surprise) and a protein mix of about three-quarters of a scoop of muscle milk (the vanilla flavor makes the pancakes SOOOOOO sweet and yummy) and one-quarter scoop boku super protein. the combination equaled perfection...some veggie protein plus whey....loves it.
i'm hoping to get a little-shmittle nap in sometime today so that my workout can be just as successful as if i had a complete eight hours of sleep....let's just hope my plan works out!
more later.
plus, my friend jacqui's spanish rice recipe.

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