Wednesday, September 01, 2010

oldie but goodie.

lately the only thing i want for breakfast are tone it up protein pancakes. they're so yummy and perfectly portable. but today i went back to my standard: one-fourth cup of oats with a hoopla of add-ins (pinches of chia seeds, flaxseed, bee pollen pellets, wheat germ, sugar-free maple syrup, cinnamon and almond butter) made with a soy milk/water a one and one-half egg omelette.

i know that seems like a lot to put into your oatmeal, but it's such a small amount of everything...but when eaten consistently, you definitely reap the nutritional benefits from all those seeds!! for my omelette, i just threw in three cherry tomatoes that would've gone bad and about ten baby spinach leaves. did anybody catch the today show today? the food segment was devoted to rarely used whole grains (think barley, quinoa, polenta, etc). i'm definitely guilty of not venturing outside of my 'cooking comfort zone' but chef mark pitman had some great ideas and simple recipes for all of these grains. it really is a shame that i haven't tried my hand at some of these fiber-filled grains since almost all of them provide so much more protein than simple oatmeal. think i just might have to get some when i go to sun harvest today and take a stab at them.
this  morning the mister went on a quick two-mile run so i guess that leaves me to do my cardio right before he gets out of work. probably good for me since by about three o'clock i'm ready to park myself at the house and keep the activity level pretty low until i go to bed. so today's plan: 
arms at about 11:30
run at about 4:00
....hopefully it works out that way!!!

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