Wednesday, September 01, 2010

keeping a good thing going.

this morning i reverted back to my standard eggs n' oats combo. and tonight i continued the roll i was on by making another one of my faves.

any veggie stir-fry

even when i've burnt the stir-fry ingredients, this peanut sauce makes everything taste better. earlier i had one of tone it up's protein bars so tonight, in trying to keep my day's fat intake low, i skipped the food processor and made a small amount of this peanutty delight for nick to put on his serving. with a fork and decent sized bowl, this stuff proved delicious once again!

for the peanut sauce:
i follow a simple dressing ratio of one part acidic ingredient to two parts fat. in this case, my 'acid' is low sodium soy sauce or bragg liquid aminos. tonight i poured the bragg into a bowl with grated fresh ginger, chopped garlic, onion powder, chipotle chile pepper and regular black pepper. after mixing this just a bit with a fork, i added my 'fats'- peanut butter (normally i use all-natural but the mister eats reduced-fat jif so i used that tonight), just a touch of sesame oil and then i go whisking cRaZy with a fork. turned out perfect- he just topped his stir-fry (on-hand veggies: cabbage, thinly sliced carrots, white onion, garlic, ginger, egg plant and chicken cooked with bragg liquid aminos, non-stick olive oil spray and one-half tsp of sesame oil) with it after all the veggies and chicken were cooked. my dindin didn't have any of the peanutty goodness but it was still just as delish.

as for today's workout: i completed what i wanted for today- early morning legs and three o'clock thirty minute run. today was super hot in corpus but with the breeze off the water, i accomplished my RIZZZZZZZZZUN!

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