Tuesday, August 31, 2010

today's workout.

run for 40 minutes
run stairs for 15 minutes:
run down the stairs facing left side
run up the stairs
run down the stairs facing right side
run up the stairs
plyo style: run down the stairs (facing forward), kicking each leg to the side
run up the stairs, side toe side

in between each of the above sets do ab exercises for 3 minutes

about a 20 minutes ab workout and cool-down

what high intensity cardio workout would be complete without a playlist :
'the reeling' by passion pit
'gold lion' by the yeah yeah yeahs
'mr. pitiful' by matt costa
'pumped up kicks' by foster the people
'sweet disposition' by temper trap
'beautiful nightmare' by beyoncé
'the kids don't stand a chance' by vampire weekend

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