Thursday, September 02, 2010


.....thats the sigh of relief that i'll be exhaling come this time tomorrow. this weekend is going to be another fun-filled but relaxing few days at the beach house (north padre island, texas). i had to drive out there today to pick up a surfboard and practically pushed myself out the door because i could've stayed there until sunday (or monday for that matter).
in trying to plan this mini-getaway, i can't help but get lost in lightweight, flowing tops made of thin fabrics....tall wedges....breezy shorts and saltwater-dried hair. i know that i have plenty of items in my closet that fit into these categories but it never hurts to search for some inspiration.

free people
j. crew chino

i'm sure that most of what i wear over the next few days will be some variation on these key pieces (mixed in with my trail running shoes and lulu workout essentials) but i do long for those dvf wedges!
as for today's workout- nothing too exciting. i did need to train SOMEthing on my upper body so i went with back and biceps. although i would like to take a day off of running, it just might have to be my cardio for this afternoon. and tomorrow? gonna get into gear before dawn for some HIIT cardio, have some coffee con mi mamá and hit the boat with nick and ray. last time we went fishing we caught a TON of redfish. i'm hoping for much of the same tomorrow- that way i can make some simple ceviché to snack on throughout the weekend. my ceviché consists of:
   any fresh fish caught the day of
   lots of cilantro
   tons of lime juice
   a few tomatoes
   .......mix it all together sometime early morning and by dinner it's good to eat!

anyone have some good tips on staying healthy and active this labor day???? anything to keep you off the couch and NOT eating fatty burgers with fries!!!

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