Tuesday, August 31, 2010

apparently the calorie count really DOES need to come down.

so...while nick was away, i ate pretty darn clean and felt like i had leaned up (somewhat). until this picture.


i realize i'm not overweight but i'm definitely not where i thought i was, OR where i want to be. it looks more like 'skinny fat'....i'm sure i'm being critical of myself, but it's that darn lower belly. i thought i had leaned up a lot more than i apparently did. earlier i talked about this forty five minute run that i'm about to venture out on - seems a lot more necessary post pics! guess i just need to cut down a little bit all around my diet...from breakfast to snacks to lunch and dinner. like i said- my diet might be pretty clean but i think it's my portions. any new ideas on how to cut down the portions on an already trim diet?

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