Tuesday, August 31, 2010

last weekend.

as promised, here are a few pics from the concert.

ray lamontagne

david gray
like i said- the concert was a blast...and i even ended up with mister gray's playlist AND some of his guitar pics. they appear to be unused but they did come off of his microphone, i'll take what i can get!
off to do a little run....actually a big run by my current standards. amidst all the short runs nick and i have done lately, today i'm going to set out on at least a forty five minute 'go-round' and then nick and i are going to the NEW platypus so i can do some abs and work off sunday's late night binge of an omelette and plain pancake. i definitely eat clean about ninety five percent of the time but when i've had one too many vodka and topo chicos in me, the late night munchies take over!!

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